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Now, you can purchase the monobank card in a shop

How does it work?

01 Buy the card for 50 uah
02 Scan the QR code in the packaging

Only when the unique code has been scanned, we'll know what card you've got and allow you to activate it

03 Install the monobank app and follow the instructions
04 50 uah is already on your card

If you haven't got the monobank app, the QR code will help you install it

If you've got the monobank app, you'll be placed on the relevant onboarding step if you haven't finished it yet

What this project is for

monobank's got no offices, which allows us not to spend money on maintaining them and helps us offer you the best service terms

By placing the cards in shops, we make it easier for our customers to get the monobank card. No more searching for the distribution points or arranging a delivery. Just take the card from a shelf next time you see it in a shop.

Frequently asked questions

Forgot to buy the card in a shop?

No worries, start the onboarding
right now

Opening the card doesn't oblige you to do anything.
But we've got a lot of cool
get card