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Using the register to pay salaries to the monobank cards

Forget about manual payments the other bank cards. monobank means saving time.

How it works

  1. A transit account is opened for the company.

  2. The company tops up the account with the amount to be paid to the employees with the monobank cards.

  3. The company uploads the register to the accountant's web room

  4. monobank uses the register to pay the salaries from the transit account to the employees’ cards.

Why a transit account, not a current one

For your convenience: to open a transit account, only 2 documents are required.

  • Statement of accession to the banking service agreement.

  • The company questionnaire.

When opening the transit account, we don’t ask for:

  1. Director’s passport or TIN.
  2. Document certifying the authority to open and/or manage the account.
  3. Application for an account.
  4. List of individuals having a right to manage the account and sign the legal entity’s accounting documents.
  5. Articles of association: statute, deed of incorporation, deed of foundation, provision.
  1. A notarised copy or the original of the deed of incorporation, registered before 01/01/2016.
  2. Access code for an authorised employee of the bank to print the deed of incorporation published at the electronic services portal.
  3. Statement.
  4. Financial reporting.

The salary taxes are paid at the bank where the legal entity has its current account.


As ever with us, the tariff is 0 :)

No opening a transit account.

No fees for servicing the transit account.

No fees for crediting the account.

No fees for transferring money from the account to the cards.

monobank is authorised to pay salaries to state-financed organisation employees.

Issuing the cards

We will send any amount of the cards within 3 days.

How to open an account

  1. Fill in the documents:

    Statement of accession to the banking service agreement

    Contains information about the company, director, proxy.

    The company questionnaire.

    Extended data regarding the ownership structure in the company.
    ОThe questionnaire is signed by the proxy (normally, the chief accountant).

  2. Sign the documents

    With an authorised electronic signature or manually.

    You can use any service for the electronic signature:
    Vchasno, Paperless, Diia, etc.

  3. Send the documents to monobank

    Use any service for this

    1. Vchasno, Paperless, Diia

    2. Email — register@monobank.ua

    3. Address delivery.

  4. Receive a confirmation

    A letter containing the account number and documentation on how to work with the web room.

Trust us, we have simplified the forms to be filled in as much as possible.

Documents for opening a transit account

We can fill the statement of accession to the agreement for you:

Enter the details and we will send you a completed statement of accession and a company questionnaire

The proxy is this employee who will sign and upload the register in the future and communicate with us (normally, it is the chief accountant)

Fill in the documents:

Where to send

To: register@monobank.ua or address delivery to: Kyiv, Avtozavods'ka St, 54/19

20 000

customers get paid to the monobank cards


companies pay salaries to the monobank cards

Our customers: