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When good
becomes better

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Elite privileges
New level of privacy
New design
Lower tariffs

Not just in black now

Choose from three brand new card designs

This is the first card in Europe without a card number

Lost your card? So what!

Want an even better protection for your finances?
Set the dynamic CVV in the app

of top class!


Monobank's professional support team, accompanied by concierge service from VISA will make your irreplaceable 24/7 aide in dealing with anything.

Get support both via telephone and in a messenger of your choice
We guarantee confidentiality for every customer
Talking with our personnel will not remind you of regular bank tellers
No offices, meeting rooms, bureaucracy, or formalities
Merely a respectful conversation when you choose to have it

Airport comfort
of the highest order

Access to all business lounges from Mastercard, as well as Lounge Key

With monobank platinum card, you will get free access to all business lounges from Mastercard and Lounge Key in airports of 450 cities around the world (Boryspil, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv airports in Ukraine)

Instant access to lounges with a card
Free coffee and snacks
Wait for your flight in comfort (does not depend on your ticket or airline ranking)
Have your company access the lounge (for a separate fee)
Some of our customers enjoy the lounges so much, they decide not to go anywhere!

Fast Line

Service allowing to jump the queue in all airport formalities: flight check-in, passport control, and customs.

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