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monobank phone
monobank card

Get the card with a credit limit of up to 100,000 UAH

Please submit your application, and we'll send you our
card to any location in Ukraine

How it works

Order the card
It’s free

Scan the QR code
in the envelope
Only after you scanning the code, we will know what kind of card you have and let you activate it

Install the monobank app
and follow the instructions

The card is ready to use

hsake paw
Eat, shake, pay

Pay at partner restaurants quickly and conveniently

No more waiting for the bill, the POS terminal and transfering tips to the waiter's credit card.


We’ve got the best offer in Ukraine

Tariffs in detail
Universal Bank
Bank 1
Bank 2
Grace period Up to 62 days Up to 55 days Up to 62 days
Interest rate per month 3.1% 3.5% 3.33%
Cash withdrawal
0.5% for personal funds
4% for loan proceeds
1% for personal funds
4% for loan proceeds
Top up Free Free Free
Interest on balance 3% per annum
Cashback Up to 20% Up to 20%

Mobile App

We’ve put in all our experience into creating the most convenient mobile app. Simple transfers, paying utility bills, a functional statement, and card settings which meant going to the bank office are now in your pocket!

monobank interface payments

Where else have you seen free money transfers?

Topping up the monobank card is free! Further on, top up your mobile phone, pay for utilities and other services without any fees. Even if you’re using loan funds! Transfer money to your contacts in just one tap — it’s even easier that you can imagine

monobank interface main

All your expenses at the tip of your fingers

Always wanted to check how much of your money comes on unbridled joy? It’s simple now. Use the monobank card, and you’ll always be able to your expenses nice and structured

monobank card settings

Forget everything you knew about banking

Install all the limits, including PIN request during purchases, all by yourself. Can’t find your card? Get it blocked to play it safe. Change your PIN right in the app without going to an ATM

This is just the beginning

Deposits with up to 12% per annum in hrivna and 1.7% in a foreign currency

Establish convenient deposits in the way that works best for you

  • Using the monobank card

  • Using the banking details

  • Using cash in the partner banks’ offices

We cover for possible expenses caused by transferring the money to the deposit

ФГВФО лого

The bank is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund

Installments have never been so affordable

Say, you want to buy a phone for ₴10,000 on hire purchase over 6 months. All you need to do is to let us know in the app. And for your next purchase, you’ll pay in 6 parts. Just at 1.9% per month.

Here’s another example. In the middle of a month, you make a large purchase and you end up having no cash at the end of the month. With the monobank card, you can transfer your last expense on hire purchase. And the money will return to your card immediately.

We return up to 20% of your purchases

Every month, you can choose two purchase categories in which we’ll return up to 20% of your expenses. But there’s more! Every month, you’ll receive 3% per annum of your personal card balance

Store other banks’ cards for simple and free top-up

Transfer money to people from your contact list or top up their phones

Get an interest on your personal balance — 3% per annum

Pay utility state bills free of any fees. Even against credit funds

Cash back real money from your purchases. No bonuses which heaven only knows where to use

Make regular payments? Any transaction can be repeated with just one tap any time


Black Card
Platinum card
IRON card
Total cost

Minimum payment
First payment date
До 30.06.20
Total loan cost
1 000
Effective rate
Grace period
До 30.06.20
The calculation is approximate, intended for informational purposes only, and based on the assumption that the customer makes the credit transaction at a point of sale.
Minimal credit amount: 1,000 uah.
Maximal credit amount: 500,000 uah.
Minimal credit period: not set.
Maximal credit period: 25 years.

How to get a monobank card?

monobank card

Order the card
It’s free

Scan the QR code
in the envelope
Only after you scanning the code, we will know what kind of card you have and let you activate it

Install the monobank app
and follow the instructions

The card is ready to use

Humane customer support

No answering machines or bots. Only communication with real people ready to run through a brick wall for you! We talk with you in the messenger of your choice