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We declare a white card for you to declare your salary

Make some noise for the monobank debit card!

No credit line available, which makes it a perfect solution for receiving salary or sole proprietor payments. And withdrawing cash is free of any charge.

customers are already using a monobank card for their salary

5 reasons to get
the White card

A separate card for personal funds. No money will go into paying off a loan
You can use the card for receiving your salary or sole proprietor payments and withdraw the money free of any fees
Topping up the card is free
Cashback of up to 20% of your spendings

How to get the White card

Opening a virtual card
Opening a plastic card
100 UAH
The money for issuing the card is returned after the first salary, scholarship or any social payment is credited

How to top up

Set depositing
your salary or sole proprietor payments

Get an application form to have you salary deposited in your White card account in the app (Top up your card > Salary and sole proprietor payments)
Give this application to your accountant
Your accountant will transfer the money to your card after taxation

Topping up using another bank’s card

A Ukrainian bank’s card

monobank doesn’t charge anything in such cases, but the remitting banks might. You can also attach a card in the app not to enter its number every time — very convenient. No limit to the number of cards attached.

World’s any bank’s VISA or Mastercard

Such payments are deposited with a 1,8% fee (this covers the expenses of all the parties involved in the transfer). On top of that, foreign banks might sometimes charge an extra fee.

Topping up with cash

Free using terminals

In one go, you can put in a maximum of 5,000 UAH.

Banks’ cash desks

If the amount is more than 15,000 UAH, bringing your passport is mandatory.

Topping up using bank details

Such a transfer can take up to 3 banking days. Depositing in the monobank card is free, but the remitting bank might charge its own additional fee.

Topping up internationally

We work with Payoneer, SWIFT, and SEPA. Each of these systems has got its own advantages and tariffs. Details are available in the Top up your card menu.
The top-up bank details can be obtained in the app.

How to withdraw cash

ATM of any bank

Salary or sole proprietor payments (up to 50,000 UAH per month)
0 %
Other funds
0.9 %
You can withdraw more than 1,000 UAH and up to 20,000 UAH in one go in Universal Bank’s cash machines and up to 5,000 UAH in TASKOMBANK’s cash machines.

Banks’ cash desks

At cash desks of Universal Bank, TASKOMBANK, and A-Bank, any amount available can be withdrawn. Bringing your passport is mandatory.
If the sum is more than 50,000 UAH, or 1,000 USD, or 1,000 EUR — please get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure your preferred office will have the necessary cash.
Haven’t got the monobank card?
No worries, you can get it right now
Opening the account with us and getting the card doesn’t commit you to anything. Besides the white card, we’ve got many other great offers
monobank card
Opening the account with us and getting the card doesn’t commit you to anything. Besides the white card, we’ve got many other great offers