PCI-DSS is a modern solution at all stages of the bank card data passing.

Enforced 3D Secure – payment confirmation without the need of using the unprotected text message channel. Confirm your transactions via the protected app channel.

Native Mobile Application – in order to provide the maximum level of security, we use Android and iOS native low-level protection mechanisms.

Fingerprint, Touch ID, Face ID support for encrypting customer data and safe entrance into the system.

Enforced TLS 1.2 – for protected interaction online.

Electronic digital signature – used to provide information integrity and personification, as well as to serve as an analogue of the chirographic signature while making additions agreements with the bank right on the smartphone.

Anti-fraud monitoring – for blocking suspicious transactions and controlling abnormal customer account behaviour.

Anti-hacker-мониторинг – unit abnormal activity automatic detection system and blocking intruders who attempt scanning or attacking the complex’s units.