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Each employee has the right to choose a bank
to receive a salary

When applying for a job, you should have been given the opportunity to choose which bank card you want to receive your salary on.
By law, any employee of an enterprise can independently choose a bank to receive a salary.

How to get paidto the monobank card

Become a monobank customer, it's free.

Submit your application to the accountant to transfer salaries to a monobank card. The application template can be found in the menu "Top up your card" by selecting the item "Salary and payments to individual entrepreneur", the type of payment "Salary"

Get your salary on the card

Why is it better to receive a salary on a White Card

Salary can be received on any monobank card, but most conveniently on the White card

There is no credit limit on the White Card, it is a separate card for personal money.

Withdrawal of wages without commission (up to UAH 50 thousands per month)

Card replenishment - free

Cashback up to 20% on purchases

White Card Rates

Opening the card

UAH 100
If you order the card yourself, but we will return this money after the first payroll/span>

When connecting your company to the service Payment of salary according to the register

Withdrawal of wages

No commission at an ATM of any Ukrainian bank
Up to ₴50,000 per month

Commission - 0.9%
If the amount is over ₴50,000 per month

Any amount can be withdrawn at the cash desks of Universal Bank and A-Bank
Passport is required

Transfer to the card of another Ukrainian bank


Card payments

No commission mobile fill-up

No commission for paying of utilities

Card replenishment

Free from cards of any Ukrainian banks
Sender banks may charge a shipping fee

Free cash through EasyPay and City24 terminals
You can fill up at a time for no more than UAH 14,999

Through the cash desks of Universal Bank and A-Bank
If the operation is more than ₴15,000, then a passport is required

No commission for details
Such a transfer can take from 1 to 3 banking days. Fees may apply on the side of the sender's bank

Great opportunities forinternational transfers

How to order a white card

How to order a white card

Go to the cards menu

Click on the "New Card" button

Select cards
and click
"I want a white card"

Choose the type of card - plastic or virtual

About love

monobank is about loving customers

monobank does not force you to receive a salary on monobank cards

monobank does not ask your company to open a salary project with us

monobank does not force your company to transfer employee salaries to us

monobank does not promise your company loans for opening a salary project

monobank against wage slavery

If you are forced to receive a salary on a monobank card,
then let us know and we will talk with your management.

monobank comes wherever they want it 👌


Where can I withdraw my accrued salary?

At an ATM of any bank, but at ATMs of Universal Bank, you can withdraw up to UAH 20,000 at a time. You can also withdraw money at the cash desks of our partner banks: Universal Bank, A-Bank.

does monobank take a commission for withdrawing salaries at the cash desk or ATM?

More about salary withdrawal fees:
- There is no commission for withdrawing cash from personal funds.
- Commission for cash withdrawals against credit funds is 0.5% less than the current tariff (reduced tariff).
- The maximum amount for cash withdrawal without commission or at a reduced rate is ₴50,000 per month.
- Withdrawal of cash over ₴50,000 per month - at the standard rate.
- Cash withdrawals for personal funds abroad - at the standard rate.

Haven’t got the monobank card?
No worries, start the registration in the app.
Opening a card does not obligate you to
anything. We do have a lot of great offerings, though