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Regular payments
to contractors for IT companies

Instead of individual payments for each sole proprietor, esnd one
payment and a register with a breakdown of all the sole proprietors receiving regular
payments from the company

How does it work?

Create a payment to a clearing account of the bank

Enter the web room and see your company's account balance

Load the register for the payment allocation

monobank pays the amounts from the clearing account to the contractors' accounts

Benefits of regular payments with monobank

0% fee for processing the register

You pay the fee only for one payment

No need to create individual payments for each sole proprietor

How is it beneficial for sole proprietors?

Opening and servicing the sole proprietor account at monobank is free of any fees

No payment fee

Fully remote service

Documents for opening an account

Fill them in for me
I'll do it myself

We can fill the statement of accession for you:

Please enter the information, and we'll send you the questionnaire and completed statement of accession

The proxy is this employee who will sign and upload the register in the future and communicate with us (normally, it is the chief accountant)

Got questions?

Write to us! Our customer care service will answer your questions and help you set things up. We use messengers that are convenient for you.

Feel free to ring us from any corner of Ukraine and from abroad

For calls from Ukraine

0 800 202 602

For calls from other countries

+38 044 237 000 2

Haven’t got the monobank card?

No worries, start the registration in the app.
Opening a card does not obligate you to
anything. We do have a lot of great offerings, though