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Receiving mass payments from non-resident companies

For sole proprietors receiving regular payments in a foreign currency

How to open a sole proprietor account?

Go through a quick onboarding in the monobank app and get the card

Be registered as a sole proprietor

Open a sole proprietor account in the monobank app in one touch

Benefits of the sole proprietor account at monobank

Completely 🌍 remote servicing: no need to visit the distribution points or offices

Manage all your monobank accounts in one app 🚀

We've got one app for personal and sole proprietor accounts; transferring money between the accounts is very simple

Payments from accounts in foreign currencies 🕐 24/7/365, not just between 10:00 and 15:00

No need to wait, like with other banks, for the "right time" to sell money

A separate web room for your accountant 💼. You can add another phone number for working in the web room with the sole proprietor account

Favorable exchange rate

Friendly financial monitoring and currency controls


Universal Bank
Bank 1 Bank 2
Bank 3
Account opening white card cost 0 uah 0 uah online
100 uah in department
200 uah 50 uah
Account service cost per month 0 uah 150 uah 150 uah 169 uah
Commission for transferring to accounts of other banks
*up to 100k
0 uah 5 uah 3,5 uah 2 uah
Detailed rates

Haven't got a monobank card?

No worries, start the registration in the app.

Having the card does not oblige you to anything. But we've a lot of other cool offers
get card