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How to spend the miles

The earned miles can only be spent on purchasing plane tickets

During the charge
1 mile = 1 UAH

The miles are charged in multiples of 1,000. To repay a ticket worth 27,200 UAH, you’ll be charged 28,000 miles.

You can use the miles to repay tickets already paid for in cash. You can’t use the miles to repay for blocking your funds.

You can repay for tickets purchased not more than three months ago.

For example

Sasha and Dasha use the miles to repay the ticket to New York for 25,200 UAH, so we’re going to charge 26,000 miles and credit the card with 25,200 UAH.

The bank will pay the taxes for them: 25,200 times 19.5% (income tax + military tax) = 4,914 UAH.