Travel insurance

Travel in safety with a free Visa insurance service

Explore the world safely with the Visa travel insurance service

Insurance benefits

High cover limit

Maximum cover amount for an insured loss with VISA cards of up to $2.5 mln

Family insurance

If you travel with your family, they all will be insured as well (spouse and children)

Journey insurance

Wherever you are, we are going to take care of you! Because when travelling with a Visa card, your journey is insured both within and outside the country of your current residence

Sport insurance

If you decide to play golf, basketball, or go bowling when traveling, fret not, the insurance will cover you

Buyer protection

From now on, not only travels, but also purchases are insured if they are paid for with a VISA premium card

Activation and insurance cover start

It is recommended that you fill in the cover note by contacting our support service. Your insurance will be activated automatically if you:

Travelling abroad

Have paid for a return ticket with a Visa card before the beginning of the journey

Or have booked and paid for the accommodation before the beginning of the journey

Or have for both the tickets and accommodation before the beginning of the journey

Travelling within your current place of residence

Have booked and paid for your accommodation for at least two nights and at least 100 kilometres away from your home with your Visa card

The insurance is valid for up to 90 days for one journey

The franchise is $100 for health costs
and $250 for a rental car

Popular services

Health insurance

Spend cover for up to $2.5 mln

Missed flight

Maximum amount of $1,500 per year

Luggage delay

Maximum amount of $500 per year

Sport insurance

Includes over 50 kinds of sport

Family insurance

Up to 5 family members

A lot more

New and the most popular insurance services will be available to you

Insurance payout claim

To claim the payout, you do not need to contact the insurance company, just message our friendly support service

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