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We've made a card for customers under 14


Return up to 20% of the purchase price

Every month, you get to choose 2 expenditure categories in which you will receive cashback (say, Cinema or Fast food)


Apple Pay and Google Pay

Off with

No need to order a plastic card: pay for all purchases with your smartphone

mobile pay


Get achievements

Get achievements for using the card and a lot more


Card tariffs

Free issue and servicing
No top-up fees
Physical card issue ₴100
Cash withdrawal: 0.9%

Parent control

One of the parents will be able to see the transaction list and allow such functions and their limits:
Withdrawing cash
Third parties topping up the card
Sending money to other cards
Making purchases in online games
Entertainment and café limits

Colour your days

Choose the traditional look or the brand new app theme, which includes a vibrant yellow plastic card
Special Edition
cashback cashback
cashback cashback

Cat construction toy from monobank

Besides the stickers that come with the card, you'll get an exclusive cat construction toy from monobank, which is sure to make other customers jealous

Unique achievement set

Achievements are activity awards. Owners of the card have a chance to unlock an exclusive cat collection.
See the rules of getting the achievements, and unlock new cats for your collection. Some are easy to get, but you'll have to take pains with others.
Haven’t got the monobank card?
No worries, you can get it right now
Opening a card does not obligate you to
anything. We do have a lot of great offerings, though